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Sant Joan de Labritja
Sant Joan de Labritja

Sant Joan de Labritja

The actual village of Sant Joan is a quiet street, dominated by an imposing Christian church, and is the meeting point of Sant Joan de Labritja Municipal Council. One may find several small cafés and restaurants.

The Street Market.
In the village square every Sunday from 10:30 hrs. Live music from 12hrs. It is one of the latest and most authentic of the island, where you can find a great diversity in farm products, products handmade by the villagers.


Fomento del Turismo de la isla de Ibiza

About Us

Fomento del Turismo de la Isla de Ibiza (Island of Ibiza Tourism Development) is an association founded by a group of forward-looking people who set themselves the task of stimulating, promoting and developing the island's budding tourist industry.