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Sant Jordi de Ses Salines Church
Sant Josep de sa Talaia

Sant Jordi de Ses Salines Church

It is one of the island's oldest church-fortresses, given that the first documentation referring to it about it dates back to 1577. Initially it was a small fort built by the peasant farmers from the plains of Ses Salines to defend themselves against the Berber raids with a chapel in between them.

This church is an oblong building with a flat roof surrounded by 29 battlements and was equipped with weapons until 1869 (just like the church of Sant Antoni), although one of the battlements was removed to build a small Baroque belfry. It has a single nave whose vault is supported by three pointed arches and four side chapels.

In 1990 the main altar's altarpiece was installed, which was made out of fragments of different origins.

The parish festival is held on the April 23rd, the feast of Saint George.

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