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Cap des Llibrell

Cap des Llibrell

The Cap des Llibrell closes the beautiful Cala Llonga on the right and separates it from "Es salt d'en Serrà". The average gradient of 220 metres in no more than 2 km of ascent is over 10%. 

You leave Ibiza heading north towards Sant Rafel. This is not the expected route to Cala Llonga, but you will pass through the "camí des Pedrisset", with its characteristic "pedrís" (stone bench) located halfway along the route. The fact that this element is not very common on Ibiza's paths has earned it its name: camí des Pedrisset.
We then head almost perpendicularly eastwards, crossing Es Pla de Vila, the Santa Eulària road (be careful! it has a lot of traffic), and we reach the area of the golf course, which we cross to appear on the other side, just on the plane that precedes Cala Llonga. It is a farmland on the right and left and is crossed by a stream, and is worth a visit in itself. 
As soon as you reach the beach of Cala Llonga, the only road that turns right immediately begins to gain height. In a few metres it becomes a winding road with a curious characteristic: where the road surface is good, it has gradients of over 20%, and where the slope gives you a break, rocks and loose stones appear, making it very difficult to follow. There are also stretches where the two things come together... You will probably have to walk more than one section, both on the way up and on the way down? 

When you reach the top, the reward is enormous: views of the entire east coast, Es Freus, Formentera, Es Cavallet, Ses Salines, the city of Ibiza and a large part of the island's mountains are in front of you. The path is abruptly interrupted by a chilling cliff with a vertical drop to the sea, over 220 metres high. 
The really surprising thing about this place is the existence of archaeological excavations begun in the mid-1980s which revealed the existence, up there, of a group of dwellings from the Phoenician period. Of course they liked places with a view! 
Once we have rested, we will start the return journey along the same path to the beach. From there, the route takes us through the area of Cala de s'Espart, s'Estanyol and finally Talamanca, in a continuous up and down. None of the climbs that await us are quite like the first one, but all of them require some effort...  36 km that won't be short...
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