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Païsses de Sant Agustí

Païsses de Sant Agustí

"Ses païsses" are small rural constructions built on land far from the main house. They were very simple structures that were used by their owners to store their tools, their flocks and even to spend the night during the busiest times of the year. In this way, they avoided the sometimes more than 3-hour walk to the house. 

In Ibiza, most of the Païsses are located in the west. This area - which we could delimit between the sea and the mountains of Sa Talaia - is made up of the driest, driest and most unproductive land on the island. Therefore, many more hectares of land were needed to equal production to that of other areas. For this reason, this area was settled much later and on much larger estates. Most of them originally came from the villages of Sant Josep or Sant Agustí to the coast. This fact gave rise to the natural appearance of "ses païsses" here and not in other areas.  

The route - which can be downloaded here - starts in Sant Agustí and runs through 16 "païsses": from Cas Vildu, near the Cala Conta road, to "Can Bernat de s'hereva", close to the coast. Among them you will discover the decadence of some and, on the other hand, the fortune of others, nowadays converted into splendid houses or even a restaurant. Only the last one remains today, apparently, faithful to its original purpose. 

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