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Es Broll de Buscastell

Es Broll de Buscastell

The distance of the route is 2.5 km on a dirt road in good condition, with little vehicle traffic.
The IBP difficulty index is 18, so it is accessible to everyone. Only the descent to the well and mill can be difficult for people with physical difficulties. The route is not circular and is not signposted. 

The route starts on the road from Sant Rafel to Santa Agnes, on the bridge over the buscastell stream, following the watercourse of the stream to its source. In the part closest to the spring, the water flow is permanent. This route can be done at any time of the year. The best time of year is spring, when the flora is in all its splendour and water appears everywhere thanks to the winter rains.

Shortly after starting the route you will come to the "pou des escarabats", where a peasant festival is held on the Sunday after the 24th of June (Saint John's Day).

The path runs placidly through beautifully tended farmland. At km 1.7 the path and the stream cross a small bridge and begin a slight climb to the end of the route. In this last stretch the valley narrows and the orchards are staggered to make the most of the available land.

The route is a continuous succession of fruit trees, ponds, canals, irrigation channels, orchards, which show us the enormous fertility of the valley. We can also observe many examples of the autochthonous flora and fauna.

Es Broll is an artesian well that takes advantage of the water that arises spontaneously from the spring to distribute it throughout the valley by means of a complex system of ditches and pools, whose origins date back to the period of Arab domination. Its flow is permanent, varying from 12,000 litres per hour in the summer months to 60,000 litres in the winters.
More than 200 years ago, a community of irrigators was created to regulate the irrigation shifts, whose timetables and statutes are still in force. Traditionally, on the second Saturday in April, the members of the community carry out maintenance and cleaning work on the irrigation channels.
A few metres away, the restored water mill of "Molí d'en Tiá" used the power of the water jet to move its machinery.

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