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Cala Llentia, bike tour

Cala Llentia, bike tour

The artist and sculptor Andrew Rogers has designed and installed in Cala Llentía, apparently promoted by the owner of Cirque du Soleil, a monument called "Time and Space", which is part of a group of works sown all over the world under the name of "Rythms of life": Israel, Namibia, United States, Kenya, Turkey, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, the Gobi desert or even Antarctica among many other locations. From the information we have, this is the one that makes number 50. 

The work is made up of 13 enormous columns placed around an apparent ellipse, which inevitably reminds us of the famous Stonehenge. In the centre is a column that stands out among all the others for its height and for the fact that its upper end is topped by a golden bath on the side facing the sunset. We leave you here a spectacular video by Ibiza Aerofilm so that you can see it in detail.
The route:

The 50 km route, which you can download here, is quite demanding in terms of elevation gain, as it exceeds 850 metres in length. It is a "coast to coast" from Ibiza town to the coast of Sant Josep. Approximately, it will take just over 4 hours to complete. 

Most significant stretches:
- From Ibiza to Sant Josep. The first 15 km will take us to Sant Josep. We choose to go through the Sant Jordi area and then ride a few kilometres along the road so as not to take on too many metres of elevation gain. Even so, we will arrive there with more than 250 m already accumulated. This section is clearly the least attractive, and will be used to ride quietly with your companions.
- From Sant Josep to Cala Llentía. In the following 10 kms we will climb Puig de s'Avenc in the first part and then start a fun and technical descent to Cala Llentía, crossing several wooded areas. Once there, we will rest and enjoy the views of Es Vedrá and the surroundings of the construction site we are visiting today.
- From Cala Llentía to Sant Agustí. We will then head towards Sant Agustí on a stretch that is a continuous up and down, crossing several wooded areas. 
- From Sant Agustí to Ibiza: The last kilometres of this route, which requires you to cross the Serra Grossa to return to Ibiza, are by far the hardest. During the 17 kilometres that remain to get there, you have to decide whether to return along the Casita Verde path, or climb the inferno, or climb the way we climbed that day, the Can Planes path, which seems gentler but the 37th kilometre of the route takes forever. From there, a very comfortable descent brings us back to Ibiza and the longed-for prize of having a beer with our companions. 

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