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Puig d'en Valls
Santa Eulària des Riu

Puig d'en Valls

Puig d'en Valls, right next to Jesús, is the other parish neighbouring the city of Ibiza.

The Town
Es Puig d’en Valls is the original name of a hill located in front of the port of Ibiza, whose top is crowned by the tower of an old wind mill, has existed since 1791.

Flour Mill
The mechanic elements of this flour mill have been recently renovated. It is nowadays the only working mill in Ibiza of the many that were found in the island’s countryside between the XVIth century and the year 1940 when they went into inactivity.

Oil Mill(Located in a private house in Es Puig d’en Valls)
This oil mill, located inside a house in Puig d’en Valls, is still in top condition. It is considered to have been built two centuries ago, around 1760, and was restored in 1995.


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Fomento del Turismo de la Isla de Ibiza (Island of Ibiza Tourism Development) is an association founded by a group of forward-looking people who set themselves the task of stimulating, promoting and developing the island's budding tourist industry.