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Hacienda Na Xamena shares its gastronomic and experiential secrets in one of Ibiza's most anticipated reopenings.

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Hacienda Na Xamena shares its gastronomic and experiential secrets in one of Ibiza's most anticipated reopenings.
  • This establishment boasts the only suspended waterfalls with sea views in the Balearic Islands, its own estate where it recreates the ancient life of the Pityuses, and Spain's first "gastro nests."

To define Hacienda Na Xamena as Ibiza's first five-star hotel whose imagery created the concept of excellence in service, spaces, and gastronomy would be an understatement. This establishment encompasses much more than one of Ibiza's architectural gems; its suspended waterfalls with sea views are the only ones in the Balearic Islands. Additionally, it has its own estate where it recreates the ancient life of the Pityuses, allowing its guests to wander through its Mediterranean orchard. Moreover, it houses Spain's only gastronomic nests, where diners are invited to dine with a bird's eye view. Located on the green cliffs of the North of the island, in the heart of Sant Miquel de Balançat, "and with no neighbors, which makes us very special," as they reveal, anyone who visits Hacienda Na Xamena needs to come back to make sure that what they experienced was real and not part of a dream. "This year, we want to expand our horizons and create memorable experiences for those who visit us, not only among our guests but also among those who choose us for dinner, to experience the culinary delights of our estate, or to get married in our amphitheater," they advance.


This weekend, Hacienda Na Xamena has reopened its doors, speaking of home, of family, and of a sense of family, as these are some of the main characteristics of this unique hotel. For over 50 years, Hacienda Na Xamena has welcomed tourists from all over the world to its iconic establishment, becoming one of the few hotels that still preserves its essence by continuing its management in the hands of the Lipszyc family, which for three generations has nurtured that essence and philosophy.

New experiences at Hacienda Na Xamena

Returning the spotlight to nature, as it happened decades ago, is the intention of the Lipszyc family, who have launched a gastronomy this season that follows the rhythm of the seasons, designed to be sustainable and focused on the product. To do this, they will promote walks and culinary visits in their new project "La Finca Na Xamena," demonstrating that the natural environment that cradles this establishment is the true luxury of Ibiza.

To convey this idea, the team at Hacienda Na Xamena has designed different experiences aimed at both clients and guests, so they can live dreamlike moments in Ibiza.

"Vida Antigua" (Ancient Life) is the name of their flagship proposal, which comes to life this April and advocates for reconnecting with nature and offering top-quality food. "For this, we have developed our own orchard with organic fruits and vegetables, herbs, and spices that our diners can pick and taste on-site," they underline from their management. "We offer our guests an unforgettable experience, organizing excursions through the mountains and cliffs that surround us, to reach our orchard and estate, where we will explain the importance of organic agriculture to them and show them our firsthand experience," they specify.


"We have recently incorporated the project of La Finca Na Xamena, an area where forms of wine production, olive oil, and flour have been recreated, the same ones that were used in ancient times in our islands, in order to value the local culture of the island over 50 years ago, where the peasants produced their own products and raw materials," they outline. "We have rebuilt a grain mill and an old oil mill, and finally, we will plant a small vineyard following the typical terrace cultivation format of the island. We believe that reconnecting with nature and revaluing ancestral culture is the true luxury," they conclude.

Eco-responsible spirit

Hacienda Na Xamena Ibiza boasts a record percentage of repeat guests, with 60% of its bookings coming year after year, and its average age is 35 years old. It is a type of international, young tourist, and environmentally conscious, which has led this establishment to implement a series of eco-responsible activities for its staff and guests aimed at cleaning the forest surrounding this establishment, cultivating its organic orchard, conducting therapies with aromatic herbs, or discovering the ways of life and cultivation of the countryside. 'Vida Antigua Ibiza' is a unique activity in the Balearic Islands, which its guests can enjoy from April 2024, aimed at showcasing the culture, gastronomy, traditions, and environment of the island through a one-hour walk around its surroundings, getting to know its fauna, flora, and landscapes to reach its own farm and orchard. There they will be exceptional spectators of a tour that will show them how vegetables, fruits, and aromatic herbs were grown and harvested on the island a century ago, or how grain was ground or oil extracted, in its own ancient and restored mills, to then enjoy, next, a tasting of Zero Kilometer products from its orchard.

Located at the top of the spectacular cliffs of San Miguel de Balansat, Hacienda Na Xamena boasts one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Mediterranean on the island, allowing the horizon to be seen from each of its rooms, restaurant, and Spa.


Culinary Offering

Its restaurant Edén features its "gastro nests," located on the rooftop of this space, from which you can enjoy a unique culinary experience in Spain with family, friends, or at private events, bird's-eye view. "Our intention was to show the tranquility that is experienced at Na Xamena, under the starlight, feeling the freedom of being at the top of a tree, through our tasting menus, which draw from the Zero Kilometer products from our own orchard," they specify.

"With them, we fulfill the particular journey we want to evoke in those who visit us: a dip in our suspended waterfalls, a massage in our wellness cabins, and a dinner in the space they choose from our restaurant: either on our terrace, with a very special corner for the little ones and live music, or in our nests, enjoying a high-level menu and with their own sommelier," they emphasize. Both the Spa and the Edén Restaurant are also open to the public who do not stay at this enclave so that everyone can experience the experience with 360-degree attention.

Hacienda Na Xamena

With a philosophy based on slow life, Na Xamena spoils its visitors with carefully designed facilities, where open and landscaped spaces overlooking the sea are its main attraction. The Ibizan style permeates each of its 77 rooms and suites, erected with a first-rate architectural project, in which the white color blends with the green hues of nature to offer an oasis of peace and well-being to its guests, 180 meters above sea level. A place to immerse oneself in the warm orange tones during sunrise and sunset, to enjoy the disconnection that living a unique Ibizan experience during your vacation entails.



The Posidonia Spa, a small sanctuary for rebirth, offers sublime experiences in its outdoor facilities, among which the balneotherapy treatment in the Suspended Waterfalls stands out. It consists of eight different mini-pools, heated to three temperatures, which provide a massage with high-pressure jets starting from the soles of the feet and ending with a complete body exposure. A place dedicated to your physical and spiritual well-being where the breeze and salt act as a balm to relieve the stress of everyday life. Additionally, the Posidonia Spa also offers yoga, stretching, and meditation classes. This establishment has an extensive and delicate treatment menu composed of rituals, body massages, and sumptuous facial treatments by SkinCeuticals.

Na Xamena features three pools: two outdoor and one indoor; a tennis court; a football field; a world-renowned spa; a cinema; and a game room.

Hacienda Na Xamena Ibiza was designed in 1969 by the renowned Belgian architect Daniel Lipszyc in one of the most pristine and authentic areas of Ibiza. A establishment of quality and great comfort, perfectly integrated into the landscape, designed to protect and respect the surrounding nature that has become one of the architectural gems of the islands.

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