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Santa Eulària des Riu prepares for its patron saint's fiestas

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Santa Eulària des Riu prepares for its patron saint's fiestas
  • The First Sunday of May Festivities mark the beginning of the dynamic cultural agenda of the municipality of Ibiza.
  • From May 5th, the most representative celebration of the island's quintessential family destination offers visitors over a month of culture with outdoor concerts, traditional music and dance, classic car and motorcycle exhibitions, floral contests, sports, and activities for the whole family, making the municipality an ideal option to enjoy a few days of rest in the midst of spring.


The municipality of Santa Eulària des Riu in Ibiza is gearing up to celebrate its First Sunday of May festivities (May 5th) with a rich and varied cultural program that promises to surprise both residents and visitors alike throughout the month.

This festivity, steeped in history among the municipality's inhabitants, commemorates a miraculous event that occurred at the Old Church. Legend has it that a day after mass, the entire temple collapsed, but miraculously, all the parishioners emerged unharmed. This event was interpreted as a miracle, and since then, the citizens of Santa Eulària commemorate it every first Sunday of May, the date of the incident.

The day begins with the traditional peasant dance, a quintessential folk display of Ibiza. This dance is accompanied by the characteristic sound of castanets, drum, and flute, and is enriched by the colorful traditional female costumes.

Additionally, the municipality organizes a series of cultural events throughout the month of May, including exhibitions, theatrical performances, and concerts in open spaces. Among the highlighted events is the free concert held on the main day of the festivities, attracting nationally and locally renowned artists or musical groups to the Town Hall square. Alongside this, exhibitions of classic cars and motorcycles or colorful floral contests are other attractions of the festivities.

To complete the getaway, visitors can enjoy the combination of gastronomy, active tourism, shopping, or sun and beach in Santa Eulària des Riu. This "charming" municipality captivates not only with its beaches and landscapes but also with a diversity of cultural spaces ranging from contemporary installations to outdoor stages in squares and streets during festivities and events. Emblematic places such as the Teatro España, the Ibiza Congress Palace, or the Cultural Center of Jesús are just the beginning of a programming packed with cultural activities.

In addition to its "Charming Hotels," where one can stay and immerse oneself in Ibiza tradition and nature, the "Charming Restaurants" guide will provide travelers with clues to savor the best of local cuisine. It is a careful selection of 44 establishments that stand out for their uniqueness, excellent services, and culinary quality, ranging from market cuisine proposals to high-category and/or author gastronomic experiences. The gastronomic knowledge and flavor are completed with the "Tradition à la Carte" to discover local specialties.


Upcoming Events

The leisure, sports, and cultural agenda in Santa Eulària des Riu has been bubbling since January 1st. Alongside already established events such as the "Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon," which will be held on April 13th, and the Nautical Fair, from April 18th to 21st, another highlighted event is the "Barruguet Family Theater Festival," on the last weekend of May. Looking towards autumn, the patron saint festivities of Sant Carles or Santa Gertrudis or the gastronomic event par excellence in October, the Squid Fair, on the last weekend of the month, stand out. Alongside these established annual events, a variety of proposals are offered, including music cycles, storytelling, exhibitions, talks, and meetings that blend gastronomy with music, among others.

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