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Cala des Jondal
Sant Josep de sa Talaia

Cala des Jondal

Cala Jondal or es Jondal located at about 10 km from San Josep de sa Talaia, close to es Xarco, is part of the big bay of Porroig. The road access is simple following the signs and detours. The last two km are done by an unpaved track. The private vehicle can be parked with no problems in the cove. From Cala Jondal, it can be seen the rope of Puig des Jondal with 160 metres in altitude.

This coastline stretch is characterized by having large size, a slope of boulders with sandy areas, and gentle steep (at 30 metres from the shore a depth of 1.8 metres can be reached), South orientation, frequent waves, marine ground of boulders close to the coast and combined with sand in the inside of the inlet, as well as by being closed by high cliffs and vegetation near the coast.

The marine and underwater conditions are suitable for anchoring boats. It has two fishing-grounds, one on the East, at one hectometre away from the coastline over a sandy ground with a depth ranging from four to eight metres, and another on the West, at 70 metres away from the beach over sandy and algae ground with anchors between five and nine metres. Road access is simple following the road signs. The last two km are done by an unpaved track. The private vehicle can be parked free of charge in the surroundings.



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