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Aguas blancas
Santa Eulària des Riu

Aguas blancas

This cove belongs to Santa Eulalia, at 30 km from Eivissa at about 15 km from Santa Eulalia. It can be accessed by road, both by car or bike. We should leave from San Carlos and follow the signs marked towards the beach or from Cala de San Vicente through a small road which offers a beautiful view of the coast. The final stretch that accesses to the sand is quite steep, so the access for disabled or elderly people is not recommended. During the months with a large number of tourists, it is quite complicated to park near the beach, the winding road that goes down the beach has its sides totally crowded of parked cars. The descent to the beach is very grateful but we should climb the hill in our way back and this is a little bit harder. If we want to sunbathe we suggest to arrive in the morning since from mid-afternoon the cliffs will not provide us anything but shady areas. The sand is coarse-grained and we will find support on the countless rocks that crowd together between one stretch and the other. This is a nudist beach and on the far left - taking the sea as a reference - we can find natural clay rocks which provide an exfoliating effect and are wonderful for the skin and when in contact with water they may be smeared on the skin as a mask until it gets dry. It is a very common practice on this beach, healthy and funny scene to take some pictures. The seabed has the same appearance with high presence of sand and rocks and a gentle slope, at 30 metres from shore it is not deep enough already. It is a common anchorage area, watch out for large rocks visible at all times at about 30 metres from the shore. In short, it is a very suitable beach to spend a pleasant morning and enjoy the sunset in the nearby Cala de Benirrás.


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