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Els Amunts Natural Site
Sant Antoni de Portmany

Els Amunts Natural Site

Els Amunts is a mountainous area running along the northwest of Ibiza, from the cape Nunó de Sant Antoni de Portmany to the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja.

Its coastal side is a landscape of rugged cliffs, nestling among which are some coves, where endemic plant life grows. The limestone mountains inland are covered in Phoenician junipers, pines, rosemary, junipers, fan palms and strawberry trees. The clay areas, forming vast plains, are cultivated, growing almond and carob trees in particular.

In terms of fauna, in the cliff areas you can see specimens of Eleonor’s falcon and the peregrine falcon, as well as marine species such as European shags, shearwaters and seagulls. The inland area is inhabited by greenfinches, goldfinches, hoopoes, blackbirds and owls, and mammals such as rabbits, dormice and genets.

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