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Sant Joan de Labritja



9 km of Sant Joan.Head towards the village of Sant Joan and you will come to a road which connects this village to Sant Miquel. Approximately half way along this road you will see another road that leads to Benirrás.Road access is simple following the signs and detours. You can park your vehicle in the near spaces and parking. Surrounded by cliffs and pine woods, is perfect for children and elderly people. Pay special attention to air currents from Northwest since under these circumstances anchoring is not recommended and dangerous. It is famous for the route that starts from here to Port San Miguel and through which we can see the caves that ancient smugglers or pirates who roamed the island used, as well as for its famous kettledrums on every Sunday of summer.




Fomento del Turismo de la isla de Ibiza

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Fomento del Turismo de la Isla de Ibiza (Island of Ibiza Tourism Development) is an association founded by a group of forward-looking people who set themselves the task of stimulating, promoting and developing the island's budding tourist industry.