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Cala Llenya
Santa Eulària des Riu

Cala Llenya


Set of shovels, ready. Bucket and rake, ready. Inflatable mattress, ready. Book, snorkelling goggles, ball? Depending on whether you're going with your family, friends, alone or as a couple, be prepared to take everything you need to enjoy your day at the beach. At Cala Llenya you won't have anything to spare! In its turquoise waters and its wide, fine-grained sandy beach, which widens up to 110 metres in its central part, there is room for endless moments of fun. You can snorkel, enjoy a safe swim, eat at the beach bar, stroll around and explore the coast in canoes, small motor boats or sailboats. And, in the afternoon, when the shade begins to take over the beach, you may feel like playing paddleball on the wide sandy beach. Or just take a nap. And all this in a setting of great beauty thanks to the leafy pine trees, which almost hide the tourist centre of Cala Llenya.


Information provided by the Santa Eulària des Riu Town Council.



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