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CAN, Contemporary Art Now, will once again bring together the most up-to-date creations in Ibiza

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CAN, Contemporary Art Now, will once again bring together the most up-to-date creations in Ibiza

Summer 2024. CAN, Contemporary Art Now, will once again bring the most current creations to Ibiza. New dates for the art festival: June 26-30.

In its third edition, CAN Contemporary Art Now moves its dates to the last days of June, marking the opening of the summer, an artistic one, of course. During its first event in 2022, the fair successfully positioned the island as the epicenter of the international art world for the summer season.

With nearly 40 galleries arriving from distant points such as Japan, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong, CAN is now a platform to discover the latest in contemporary creation.

The 2024 edition will take place from June 26 to 30, marking the beginning of the season. As in previous years, it will be held at FECOEV, the island’s exhibition center. For five days, it will be the meeting point for artists, collectors, art enthusiasts, and personalities from around the world.

CAN, Contemporary Art Now, is an initiative by Sergio Sancho, a cultural promoter who surprised the art world in 2017 with UVNT Art Fair (Urvanity), an essential event of Madrid’s art week. "CAN means 'house of' in Ibicenco. We aspire to be hosts to the forefront of contemporary creation. That’s why our surname is 'now'," explains Sancho. "The island is an inexhaustible source of inspiration in many artistic facets. Our idea is to mix culture, business, and enjoyment," he adds.

CAN emphasizes the new languages that have emerged or are emerging and also serves as a space for established artists who have stood out in recent decades. In parallel, it offers unique experiences such as a complete collectors' program, events, and private visits to institutions and collections.

_ "The Contemporary Art Now fair in Ibiza was very well received by the public in its second edition. CAN aims to be more fun and accessible than the average event, mostly featuring very eye-catching figurative paintings priced around €10,000." - Financial Times

_ "The presence of important collectors on the island energizes the event in its second edition, and this ambitious project aims to become the catalyst for the local art scene." - Il Sole

_ "CAN, the contemporary art fair focused on painting, has offered a relaxed and alternative circuit of young artists, galleries, and collectors." - The Art Newspaper

_ "Although many of the artists who contributed to the imagery and myth of Ibiza have been forgotten, their legacy remains here. The Ibiza of artists is being revived thanks to the momentum of the CAN art fair." - El Mundo

_ "Ibiza wants to return to being the island of artists... As the name of the fair indicates, Contemporary Art Now aims to show what is happening in the art world in real-time. For Bogojev, this means colorful, very pop paintings and sculptures inspired by comics, video games, and Instagram, bold and carefree." - El País

"A lot of people in the art world seem to have some sort of connection with the island," explains Sergio Sancho. This explains why the choice of Ibiza as the headquarters for CAN was not random. Sancho recognized this and it has proven to be part of its success. "The differentiating element of this fair is the curatorial work of a guest curator who identifies and invites a selection of galleries that, due to their trajectory and programming, are shaping the panorama of contemporary creation." He adds, "we have had the support of local administrations, but also from the local cultural fabric. Our goal is to strengthen these relationships."

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